Incredible How To Report A Youtube Channel For Animal Abuse 2022

Incredible How To Report A Youtube Channel For Animal Abuse 2022. It's under the stats header on the right side of the page. Animal abuse isn’t ok, we all know it isn’t (i hope).

Please stop animal abuse YouTube
Please stop animal abuse YouTube from

Continue filling out the form to. When viewing the video, find the three dots (…) below the video’s title and to the right of “save.”. Most come from pakistan and the fights are very brutal with some dogs dying.

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There are other miscellaneous cases of animal cruelty scattered across youtube, such as owners. Use the report spam or abuse feature with extreme caution. Click about on the channel navigation tab.

For Example, A Video Of A Puppy Desperately Trying.

Had you actually found a video like that i’m sure you’re intelligent enough to take the initiative to. In the complaint and letter, the animal rights group said youtube was profiting from animal abuse because some of the videos ran advertisements. Yes animal abuse mustn't fall under the abuse option.

Animal Abuse Isn’t Ok, We All Know It Isn’t (I Hope).

Log in to youtube and find the channel you need to report. Under the stats column, click the youtube report button (flag icon). Video shows a pit bull gnawing on a live raccoon's neck, while a man steps on the raccoon's stomach to hold it still, then the man kicks the raccoon.

Choose “Hateful Or Abusive Content” From The List Of Issues.

In this video i will teach you how to. If you don't know the name of the channel, search for a video posted by the channel, click the video, and then click the channel's name below the video. Contact the police or other law enforcement in the area where the abuse is occurring (if you know).

To Report A Youtube Video:

It's the flag symbol under the view count number, click on it, select violent or repulsive content and then on the drop down bar choose animal abuse for added details i wrote: My comment was marked as spam incorrectly Click report spam or abuse.